Josh Walters Bio

Josh Walters(Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer)

Born: Joshua Walter Brevelle(8/9/1991)

Location: Marksville, LA

Genre: Country(Traditional & Modern)

I grew up hunting and fishing on the banks of the Red River right outside the city limits of Marksville, LA.  I was brought up around music, mostly Traditional Country. At the age of 14 I began playing guitar and singing.  From that moment music became a passion and fast forwarding now 14 years later, it's a way of life.  My favorites growing up and to this day are George Jones and Keith Whitley.  My favorite song of all time and the first song that I ever learned to play on guitar is Keith Whitley's "Don't Close Your Eyes".

At the age of 20 I recorded my first EP in Nashville, TN.  I worked with hit producer/engineer Kenny Royster at the Direct Image Studio.  Kenny Royster produced hits for Trace Adkins, Craig Morgan, Luke, Combs, Etc.  I also had the privilege of working with hit songwriter Tommy Barnes, who wrote "Indian Outlaw" which was made a hit by Tim McGraw.

In 2012, I began playing shows around Louisiana.  I had the opportunity to headline Louisiana Mudfest in July of 2012.  I played until November of 2012 and stepped away from music for 5 years.  My band split up in November of 2012 and after that I did what most young adults do, I fell in love.

On July 19, 2017, the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life happened, I welcomed my first and only child, Olivia Faith.  I wrote a song for her and from that moment, I felt that old passion come to life again. I then began focusing on songwriting more and slowly began playing shows again. And at the beginning of 2018, I started completely over. 

In 2018 when I first stated playing again, I was playing maybe three shows a month.  Now I'm doing that on a weekly basis. God has blessed me with my songwriting, he has blessed me with my daughter, and he has blessed me with awesome people that support me and a bigger and steadily growing following.  I also started my new band Kickin' Country.  My new motto is "Real Country Music & Damn Good Entertainment".

In February of 2019 I began searching for a different look.  Something that would stand out from everyone else but something that also showed the real me.  That's where the hunters face paint comes in.  Some find it silly or a bit much, but I see myself.  I also find it as a way to connect to my fellow country boys and girls who love the outdoors, hunting, and fishing.  The ones who share that same passion for the outdoors as me.  I'm a big deer hunter and turkey hunter, but I also enjoy sitting in the duck blind and chasing those bushytails.  I will proudly stand for our second amendment and for all those who fight for this country, past and present.  

I'm a proud member of the Texas Country Music Association and the Bayou Country Music Association.  As of right now I have two singles out on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc. and I have one official music video, which can be found on my website, facebook, or youtube.  In September of 2019, I'm recording a new EP that will include all songs that I have written.  Scheduled release is November 22, 2019.  Be on the lookout.

If you have made it this far I want to thank you for reading my bio and for showing your interest in me.  I hope I have not only made a new fan, but also a new friend.  I hope for your continued support as I continue my upward climb.  Look forward to meeting you one day and talking about some good old country music, hunting, fishing, or just everyday life.  Thanks and God Bless.





If you made it this far and you don't like something from above then that's ok too, I take constructive criticism very well and hopefully there might be minor adjustments I can make to gain a new fan.  I respect your opinions just as much as anyone else's. If you however don't respect my opinions and the things I stand for then ill say it in the famous words of Rett Akins and I quote "YOU CAN KISS MY COUNTRY ASS".